Economic Development

Tribal Economic Development and Tribal Capacity Building

Economic development is critical to the Koi Nation’s self-reliance and to overcoming the challenges that have left many Native Americans and tribes in poverty. Creating a self-sustaining economic base will allow us to create a brighter future for our people.

For tribes throughout California and the nation, tribal government gaming under the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 (IGRA) has proven to be a valuable catalyst for tribal economies, leading to tribal self-sufficiency and sustainability. As a federally recognized Indian tribe, the Koi Nation has the sovereign right to pursue that opportunity.

We intend to take advantage of that economic catalyst and create a destination resort with an array of services, including gaming and hospitality, which will generate the income we need to support our government and provide our people with housing, healthcare, educational and employment opportunities and to care for our families, elders and youth. The revenue will also help fund a number of diverse future economic development projects to diversify our economy, and increase our self-reliance and opportunities as a sovereign people.

The first step in this process is the purchase of land in Sonoma County, home to the communities where our people have long lived, ever since our traditional lands began to be taken from using the 1850s. Our sovereign land base will provide both a foundation for our people and for the destination resort that will support us. As a federally recognized tribe, we look forward to negotiating an agreement with the state of California that complies with IGRA and that meets the needs of our people, as well as the needs of local governments.