Koi Mission

The Koi Nation’s mission is to empower our people to achieve a better way of life and to maintain tribal integrity and honor through responsive government.

We are committed to protecting and exercising our inherent sovereign rights as a federally recognized tribe to their fullest extent, including obtaining land to re-establish a permanent land base for our people who have lived in this region for thousands of years, and creating self-sustaining economic activity to support the tribal government and its people, and the entire community of Sonoma County.

Seven Goals of the Koi Nation

  1. Ensure the social, cultural and economic stability of our people by developing and optimizing tribal and community resources and opportunities.
  2. Protect and care for our tribal youth and our families, including the establishment of educational and developmental programs in securing a brighter future for coming generations, as well as for our neighbors and the greater community.
  3. Uphold the Constitution of the Koi Nation and protect the rights of the tribe, as well as the basic rights of each and every individual in our tribal community.
  4. Ensure the fair and equitable provision of services and entitlements to all tribal citizens.
  5. Develop a foundation for the preservation of cultural traditions and history, and protect and care for our environment.
  6. Work collectively with the people of Sonoma County, and other nearby jurisdictions, to ensure a successful partnership and future for all of us.
  7. Preserve, protect and defend the rights of all members of the Koi Nation, while working to establish cooperative government-to-government relationships.